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Corporate Sponsorship

Every year Brain Care Centre must raise funds to  supplement the revenues obtained through contracts and grants in order to continue providing innovative programs and services. In addition to serving those directly affected by brain injury, Brain Care Centre strives to continue expanding its role in public education and prevention efforts. Funds for these and many other Brain Care Centre initiatives are only made possible through private sponsorships as well as major fundraising events . As a partner with Brain Care Centre, you will become leaders in the mission toward  total brain care, from prevention to reintegration.

Partnering with Brain Care Centre will give you a chance to be a part of the any established events or be a part of creating something new and innovative. Brain Care Centre has two major annual events: The Brain Injury Awareness Month Kick-off Breakfast held every June, The Brain Matters Charity Golf Tournament held every August, and the Defying Limitations Gala held every February which includes: dinner, live and silent auctions, and a keynote presentation highlighting the issues of today and how Brain Care Centre is the solution! Spread  throughout the year are several community events that provide education and awareness about the issues of brain injury and what Brain Care Centre is doing to help. Brain Care Centre is wiling to accept sponsorship by means of in-kind donations or cash donations. Both methods count towards the   sponsorship levels.

Brain Care Centre's Complete Corporate Package

Corporate Platinum Sponsorship $40,000 +

Gold Sponsorship $15,000 - $39,999

Silver Sponsorship $5,000 - $14,999

Bronze Sponsorship $1500 - $4,999

Friends of BCC $100 - $1499

To find out more about a specific sponsorship level or to make a donation please contact Dr. Garnet Cummings, Executive Director. 

Phone: 780-477-7575 Ext. 130

To donate online, please visit the DONATE NOW page or click the link below.