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Concussion Management Program

“Concussion in sport is a public health problem and a major concern for those involved in high risk sports,” says Dr. Pierre Frémont, Chair of the CCC and Associate Professor, Faculty of Medicine, Université Laval.  “We know that when appropriate concussion management protocols are in place, the number of actual properly identified concussions increases five-fold. This occurs because coaches, parents, players and health care providers are properly educated on recognizing symptoms and knowing what to do. Without such a protocol, many concussions are going unnoticed and untreated and therefore, participants are at risk of longer term negative consequences.” (

It is Brain Care Centre’s goal to bring education to the community to prevent injury and allow people to have the tools to manage concussions safely and efficiently. We provide education seminars that are designed to bring awareness to community members, schools, sports teams, and work places. Presentations can range between 45 min to 120 min, depending on the request and are tailored specifically to the needs of the hosting organization (including structure, content, and data). All of the presentations are free of charge, including the ImPACT testing. If a request is made to present out of town, the travel and accommodation fees are required to be covered.

During these presentations we will dispel myths and address common misconceptions surrounding the injury. The presenter will bring light to current research as well as provide videos to support the information being stated. All of the information is based on documented references to research and facts of concussion management and guided by a team of doctors.

The education is broken down into specific learning objectives:

-        What is a concussion

-        How to identify signs and symptoms in yourself and others

-        Impacts of injury culture

-        Return to activity guidelines

The presenter provides education of each of the tools to ensure they are prepared to use them accordingly.

ImPACT Baseline testing is available for every individual over the age of 14. It is a cognitive examination administered by computer, that will provide medical professionals with detailed information. The results help to remove subjectivity to help doctors make difficult decisions around diagnosing concussion and fitness to return back to school/work/sport/activity. ImPACT is used by most NFL, NHL, NASCAR and MLB teams. It is the most widely used and most scientifically validated computerized concussion evaluation system.  The test takes approximately 45 min to administer and can be completed as a group, however, each individual is required to have a computer with reliable internet access.

Useful Files: 

Return to Learn/Work Guidelines

Return to Play Guidelines

Managing Concussions: Signs and Symptoms

About the Concussion Management Program

Concussion Education with Kathryn Chevalier in partnership with Brain Care Centre. *Turn on your speakers and use arrow keys to move through the slideshow. 

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If you have any questions, or require more information please contact Brain Care Centre's Concussion Service Program Coordinator, Priya Nath at 780-477-7575 ext: 116 or

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