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The Caregivers: A Panel Discussion

ABII's webcast is part of a monthly webcast series on issues relating to brain injury. This web cast is part of the Alberta Brain Injury Initiative's strategy to provide accessible information covering a broad range of topics that are accessible to all Albertans. 

This web cast addresses some of the major questions around caregivers who commit their time and energy to care for loved ones with brain injruies. It features one of Brain Care Centre's Support Facilitator and Counsellor, Teresa LaRocque-Walker, and some of the caregivers that attend Brain Care Centre's Caregiver Support Group. 

For more of the Alberta Brain Injury Initiative's web casts and resources please visit their website:

Brain Care Centre Clients & Caregivers Defy Limitations!

Hear 2 clients and 1 caregiver speak about their experience with brain injury and Brain Care Centre. 

Videography Credit:

Relationships and Brain Injury Part 2

Brain injury can be devastating for the individual, and create overwhelming consequences for the survivor’s family and loved ones.

This presentation expands on a previous webcast of the same topic.

This presentation is done by Brain Care Centre's own, Teresa LaRocque-Walker, support facilitator and counsellor. 

Relationships and Brain Injury Part 1

In this presentation, learn how brain injury affects relationships and review strategies that may help strengthen relationships and build healthy networks. Featuring our very own support facilitator and counesllor, Teresa LaRocque-Walker. 

Concussion Risk in Sports

BCC Executive Director, Dr. Garnet Cummings, on CityTV's Dinner TV with Jason Strudwick on concussion risk in sports.

Dr. Garnet Cummings on 630 Ched

Listen to BCC's Executive Director, Dr. Garnet Cummings, in this personal and informative interview with 630 Ched's Bruce Bowie. 

What is a Brain Injury?

In this interactive presentation, we will explore how the brain works, the science behind brain injury and its impact on a person. 

Presenters: Dr. Garnet Cummings, Executive Director, Brain Care Centre

NAIT NewsWatch October 11

NAIT students ran a story on concussion during their broadcast on October 11, 2014 that featured our very own Jennifer McLean. Check it out here!

Shaw TV on Brain Injury and Brain Care Centre

Check out Bridgette Tsang's interview with Brain Care Centre's executive director, Dr. Garnet Cummings, and occupational therapist, Stephanie Silva. 

Brain Care Centre Interview with TSN1260's Jason Strudwick Show

Andrea Papirny, Community Engagement Coordinator at BCC was interviewed by Jason Strudwick on TSN1260 on Tuesday May 21. 

To find out more about the interview subject matter contact a BCC Coordinator at 780-477-7575. 
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Brain Injury Awareness Month - Stop the Stigma

Brain Care Centre interview with TSN1260 The Lowdown with Loewtide

Dr. Garnet Cummings, Executive Director of Brain Care Centre had the pleasure of speaking with the Lowdown with Lowtide show on TSN1260. Check out the radio interview now!

Transformation Through Technology - Brain Care Centre's Assistive Device Training Program

The Assistive Device Training program is a free service we offer our clients at Brain Care Centre to learn how to use their cell phones, tablets and computers to compensate for issue with memory, communication, organization, to decrease social isolation and to help them become more independent at home and in their communities.

All instruction is individualize for each client and tailored for their device in one-on-one sessions. Apps are used to help set reminders for scheduling events, paying bills, and organizing their days. Communication apps are used to assist clients with aphasia. Shopping apps are used to organize and keep track of household needs. Facebook and Skype are used to keep clients connected to family and friends.