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Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteer Opportunities


There are many different volunteer opportunities available through the Brain Care Centre that are centered around three major areas of volunteerism.
 *please note you must be 18 years or older to become a volunteer

1. Client Support (Leisure companions) Providing socialization to a client after a traumatic brain injury

2. Special Events & Fundraising (the Bi-Annual Casino, Gala, Annual Kick-Off Breakfast, Brain Injury Awareness Month, etc.).

3. Office Support (front desk reception, mail outs, library, etc.).

For all available Brain Care Centre opportunities, please contact

How to Apply 

1.    Vist the Become a Volunteer section of our website.

2.    Fill out and submit the form.

3.     We will contact you to set up an interview.

4.     Begin contributing to a better tomorrow!

Our Clients make GREAT Volunteers!

As well as recruiting volunteers for BCC, Brain Care Centre's Volunteer Program is dedicated to getting our clients into the world of volunteerism.

If you think your organization could benefit from compassionate, hardworking people, get in touch with our volunteer coordinator, Christine Hirschi at or 780-477-7575 ext: 111. Please include details of your organization and areas you think would be a good fit for one of our clients.