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Community Resources
Community Resources

Brain Care Centre aims to be the single point of entry for adults accessing community-based brain injury resources. Brain Care Centre offers comprehensive and long-term services that are accessible for a life time as need dictates. The following are some Edmonton and area brain injury specific community resources that we coordinate services with. There are many, many more resources not listed here that we partner with on a regular basis — they however are not specific to brain injury.

Edmonton and Area Brain Injury and Stroke Resource DirectoryThis online guide lays out the different organizations that are available to those who have suffered a brain injury or stroke. The main table of contents page allows you to browse the different organizations and the services they offer to best decide which options suits your situation best. 

Alberta Brain Injury Initiative Survival Guide (Start here as this accessible and comprehensive guide covers most of the basics about brain injury along with Alberta specific information and resources)

Alberta Artists with Brain Injury Society - Adult survivors of acquired brain injury using creativity for self expression, raise community awareness and enjoy other therapeutic benefits of doing art:  social, cognitive, physical. e-mail:

Alberta Committee of Citizens with Disabilities - As part of our strategic planning in 2008, we reviewed our current and past programs and services in an effort to more purposefully direct and focus our activities. Through this review, five core program and service areas were identified:Education and Awareness, Projects and Research, Collaborations and Partnership, Consumer Support and Referral, Bursaries and Awards.

BAM (Brain Awareness Movement) - A University of Alberta student group dedicated to raising awareness about brain injury and advocating for brain injury.

Rehabilitation After Traumatic Brain Injury (An excellent journal article about brain injury rehabilitation)

Mild Traumatic Brain Injury; Facts for Physicians PDF File (A document by the Centre for Disease Control that is aimed at physicians)

Medline Brain Injury Information (High quality information about various brain injury subjects from Medline Plus)

Brain Injury Information Library (Online) From

The Alberta Concussion Alliance Concussion Recommendations and Strategy- Alberta Concussion Alliance (ACA) is a group of professionals in Alberta who have come together to provide strategic direction our community, about the prevention of and safe recovery from sport and recreation-related concussions.

Concussion Awareness Training ToolThe Concussion Awareness Training Tool (CATT) includes three toolkits providing training in the recognition, treatment and management of concussion for: 1) Medical Professionals; (2) Parents, Players, and Coaches; and (3) School Professionals.

CATT is free, accessible and regularly updated with evidence-based information and resources. Each toolkit includes a self-paced learning module as well as tailored resources relevant to the specific audience.