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Journey of Hope Gala Tickets Available!

January 22, 2018

Journey of Hope Gala Tickets Available!
When you think about embarking on a journey, you may think about your journey as having a starting point, a middle point and an ending point.
The journey for a brain injury survivor is continuous, and never ending. Each day is a new journey with never ending goals.
For many survivors, hope helps them to continue their journey.
Hope. It's one big word made from four small letters, and it's not a word we take lightly at Brain Care Centre.
Hope can make all the difference for someone on his or her journey.
This is why we have chosen JOURNEY OF HOPE as our 2018 Gala Fundraiser theme.
Together, we can help brain injury survivors and their loved ones better navigate their way through their continual journey.
We invite you to join the journey of hope this year, as we bring a new experience to the approximately 200 people who attend our gala fundraising event each year.

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