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Services/Intake Referrals & Eligibility
Services/Intake Referrals & Eligibility

Service Coordination offers case management and assists the client with goal setting then finding and implementing resources and services to help the client achieve their goal. Some common goal areas include:

  • access emotional support
  • increase community involvement/participation
  • optimize level of independence
  • learn about brain injury and effects
  • electronic compensation strategies
  • optimize personal support network
  • cognitive rehabilitation
  • life skill return
  • develop personal wellness plan
  • perceptual rehabilitation
  • return to productive activity

Accessing Programs and Services

Referrals from professionals, as well as self-referrals and family/caregiver referrals are accepted.

Referrals for our concussion program are only accepted from medical professionals.

For a referral to be complete we require:

  1. A completed Referral Form. If referring to our Concussion Services Program, please have a completed Referral for Concussion Services Program form filled out by a healthcare professionalWe do not accept self-referrals for the concussion program at this time.
  2. Accompanying medical documentation verifying the diagnosis of brain injury (e.g. discharge summary, neuropsychological assessment, MRI/CT report).
  •  If you do not have medical documentation of the injury, please indicate on the form and send in your referral form without it. Brain Care Centre will work with you to obtain the documentation.



Referrals in Edmonton can be sent to Brain Care Centre in the following ways:

By email:

By mail attention: # 229 10106 111 Ave Edmonton AB T5G 0B4

By fax: (780) 474- 4415 Attn: New Referral 

Call for more information at (780) 477-7575 


 Referrals in Edson/Hinton can be sent to Brain Care Centre in the following ways:

By email:

By fax: (780) 474- 4415 Attn: New Referral 

Call for More information at (780) 477-7575